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Is your Property Registered?

Property registration is one of the foremost and important processes that should not be delayed. Here’s why...

Recently, Rajiv, a software engineer, got a rude shock when he decided to sell his house that he inherited

from his father. He couldn’t sell his property as it was not registered. Never in his life did Rajiv consider it necessary to register the inherited property. In fact, he didn’t even know it was not registered.

It is importa

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GST, RERA Impact

Tweaked TDR policy gets tepid response

Bengaluru: The government’s ambitious plan to take up widening of arterial roads and other infrastructure

work in thestatehas taken a hit, with its revised Transferable Development Rights (TDR) scheme failing to

garner a good response. The reason — a slowdown in the real-estate market caused by demonetization,

rollout of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and implementation of the Real Estate (Regulation...

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To register property, fix slot online

06th November 2017

The Times of India (Bangalore)

The stamps and registration department has introduced online appointment for property registration, making the process easy and hassle free.

The system is on the lines of passport seva portal.People seeking to register property can now book an appointment using Kaveri (Karnataka valuation and e-registration) portal on a day of their choice. The online-appointment measure is primarily to...

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Taxes due from at least 20k properties in city: Official

Property tax defaulters, watch out. Furniture and other movable assets in your house or commercial property could be confiscated if you don't pay taxes even for one year.

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K'taka govt in clean-up mode, will soon stop giving B-Khata

The Karnataka government may soon stop issuing B-Khatas as part of its plan to introduce a foolproof system to check corruption and prevent exploitation of gullible people

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