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To register property, fix slot online


06th November 2017

The Times of India (Bangalore)

The stamps and registration department has introduced online appointment for property registration, making the process easy and hassle free.

The system is on the lines of passport seva portal.People seeking to register property can now book an appointment using Kaveri (Karnataka valuation and e-registration) portal on a day of their choice. The online-appointment measure is primarily to check irregularities in sub-registrar's offices, plug revenue leakage, ensure transparency, eliminate the role of middlemen and, most importantly, offer people seamless services.

At present, residents have to visit the office of the jurisdictional sub-registrar and wait for their turn. Under the new system, people will be able to pay registration fee online and get appointments with senior officials of the sub-registrar's office for verification of documents within three days of registration from the day of filing the application online,'' said K V Trilok Chandra, InspectorGeneral of Registration and Commissioner of Stamps.

“The new system will facilitate people to register their properties in any subregistrar's office in the state.Earlier, `anywhere registration' option was limited to sub-registrar's offices in a district,'' Chandra said.

The launch of online registration cuts the average time taken for registration from 8-15 days to three. The software will enable people to furnish pre-registration details at the time of booking their slots and download encumbrance and completion certificates of the property they want to register.

“The system will be secure as proper audit trail and cross-verification of transaction would be ensured,'' a source said.

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