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Sizzle Properties Pvt Ltd

Sizzle Properties Pvt Ltd

Let us take this opportunity to introduce you to the family of Sizzle Properties (P) Limited.


Founded in the year 2009, Sizzle Properties ( ISO 9001:2008 ) started with promoting Independent Houses in the East of Bangalore. Today, we have diversified interests in the field of Real Estate like Developing and Promoting Residential Communities (LAYOUTS) and Construction & Promotion of Independent Houses.


Our Team is guided by an unwavering pursuit of Excellence. We push the boundaries and surge forward creating happy co-existing communities and Everlasting Relationships. We maintain high standards of Ethical and Transparent Business Practices.


We are proud to develop and Promote Iconic and Landmark residential projects. Our promise to our customers is to provide absolutely dispute free properties so that your hard earned money is invested in perfect place and also not to mention that we provide quality amenities with the best pricing.


When you invest with Sizzle Properties for your property, you get more than just a good property. You get thoughtful planning, convenient amenities and a warm welcoming environment. We understand that you don’t just buy a home or a plot: You are achieving your dreams.


Come and visit our projects to start your journey of owning your Dream Property….

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