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Sipani Properties Pvt. Ltd.

Sipani Properties Pvt. Ltd.

The Sipani Group is renowned for its pioneering work in the Indian automotive industry during the 1980s. When Indian consumers had a choice of just 2 cars, both using technology of the 1950s, the Sipani Group was the first in India to take the bold step of bringing in contemporary automotive technology to the Indian consumers. The Sipani Group pioneered an initiative through its very own car, The Sipani DOLPHIN, long before the arrival of multinational companies.


It was only after this bold move that other companies followed by bringing in new technology. This move literally changed the landscape and structure of the automotive industry. It was a revolutionary step for the transformation of the market; a move, the Sipani group is dignified and distinguished for. In 2004, the group forayed into the realty sector and went on to construct its first residential apartment project in 2009 – Sipani Grande. It now has earned the distinct image of being considered the best apartment project in Koramangala, and furthermore is a symbol of its uncompromising business ethics.


Sipani Group is now involved in a variety of projects, ranging from Luxury to Economy. Its projects are truly where quality meets innovation, allowing the Sipani Group to bring its elaborate and well-thought plans to reality.

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