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Shanders Group

Shanders Group

Shanders, is part of a business group that has been in existence since 1918.


At the time of the first industrial revolution, the group used to import ‘Ruston’ internal combustion engines, for application in agricultural processing industries and water pumping. Once the electrification started, the group diversified into the production of import substitutes of ‘Lister’ and ‘Petter’ internal combustion engines.


Later, the group diversified into trading of industrial products. The group also represents major companies in the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh. Subsequently, the group started manufacturing of rice mill machinery and there on developed several import substitutes.


In the 80’s the group entered into Real Estate Development, Manufacturing of essential oils and exported the same to advanced and quality conscious countries like Germany and France.


In the late 90’s, the group witnessed immense opportunities and potential for growth and development in the Agricultural sector and ever since has been active in this field.


In the 21st Century, the group set foot in the Supply/Cold Chain and Logistics, International Trade, Information Technology, Defence and Core Manufacturing.


Shanders, is a diversified group in the areas of Real Estate, Agriculture, Supply/Cold Chain and Logistics, Retail, International Trade, Information Technology, Defence and Manufacturing.

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