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Asset Builders

Asset Builders


It was during Mr. Rahimanas tenure at Sami Labs that he came across a very alarming statistics relating to the real estate sector particularly in Bangalore. The statistics was from pending consumer court cases pertaining to the real estate sector. The major reasons for the cases were (1) Delay in possession (2) Fraud (3) Litigation (4) Alteration in property (unit allotted) (5) Alteration in Plan & (6) Improper documentation.


He was aghast at the state of affairs of the sector and the plight of the hapless home buyer who is neither aware of the subtle legal nuances of the field nor of the credibility of the developer. Mr. Rahiman saw a dire need to serve this class of innocent home buyers with credible housing solutions. This deep desire led to the formation of Asset Builders (a unit of Asset Handlers Pvt. Ltd.) The mission being to provide a lifelong hassle-free home ownership experience to all.


The journey so far has been slow and steady. Since this is unchartered territory it has its own ups and downs. But we have been successful nevertheless in our endeavour as is evident from the feedback of our esteemed clients, who have in the long run, become our extended family members. As we continue our journey ahead, we remain steadfast in the mission that guides all our endeavours which are Built on Ethics. Built to Last.



Bangalore is one of the fastest growing cities in Asia, nearly bursting at it seams. This unforeseen and unprecedented growth has led to an inadequacy of infrastructural resources such as water and electricity and damaging environmental effects of pollution. Today the city is grappling with the issues on how to come to terms with these shortfalls and harmful effects, which leads us to the concept of green building.


Of utmost concern is the need to conserve water and replenish the groundwater table which is depleting at an alarming pace all over the country. Rainwater harvesting, ground water recharge, recycling and re-using of water, generation of power from renewable sources, eco friendly building material and practices have all been religiously incorporated into our projects.


We have engaged a highly motivated team of experts to research into the latest developments in the construction technology. As a result we have employed a lot of path breaking initiatives towards sustainable development reaping not only short term benefits for the immediate user, but also long term rewards for generations to come.


Looking ahead we have realised the need to protect mother earth for our progeny. Our vision is to contribute in a small way towards that by doing our bit in every endeavour we undertake.

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